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True Food Kitchen Santa Monica
True Food Kitchen Santa Monica

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When you grow up as part of socially aware, urbanely conscious family True Food Kitchen Santa Monica, you have no choice but to spend a fair amount of your time snoop watching the world as you move through it.

The particular event I’d like to share with you began at 6 pm, according to the information given to me by wife, who excitedly reported to me the news that we would be going to a Christmas Party thrown by a well-connected musician, teacher, and singer she had recently befriended.

My wife… a Professional judge of Character was impressed by the woman throwing the party after meeting her and listening to her sing sometime before.

“She’s practically a Los Angeles Institution, we have to go!” said insisted, knowing full well that I was rarely excited about gallivanting to places where I was not only a stranger but quite likely the only black person in the room True Food Kitchen Santa Monica.

“That would be strange, considering our host was not only a singer, but a teacher, and student of Jazz,” she assured me. “We’re going… It’s really no big deal… be ready to go by 7 o’clock sharp!”

My wife came home from work just after 6:00 pm.

I was ready to go… I was comfortably dressed in a slightly wrinkled dressed shirt, and black pants, and black sneakers.

She approved and quickly vanished into the bedroom closing the door behind her.

After what feels to be hours, my wife re-emerged… She looked perfect! Her hair, her makeup, her smile, her essence… perfection! She was decked in a fitted black Donna Karan dress, well-matched jewelry, and a matching wrap, (that I didn’t even know she owned).

We arrived at the party shortly before 9 pm.

The festivities were in full swing. A few people spilled out of the house onto the steps and front lawn of this small, but a well-kept postcard of a house True Food Kitchen Santa Monica.

We greeted… We smiled… We entered.

Huddled immediately inside was a collection of very interesting writers, actors, singers, musicians, and a smattering of old fogies.

While I stood dutifully in place, my wife smiled and greeted everyone, floating skillfully through the room with the confidence of Grace Kelly. Without conscious intent, I caught myself taking a count of the number of “African American,” party goers… Three, I counted. Three exactly True Food Kitchen Santa Monica.

Seated closest to the door was a group of older, generously proportioned men; who quite obviously have known each other for quite some time. Crumpled, Rumpled, and comfortable these men sit surrounded by framed images, of pets, grand, and great-grandchildren, and black and white reminders of the life that existed somewhere, and sometime before they’d been captured by the obvious comforts of life.

A colorful, and nostalgic collection of expensive overstuffed chairs, well-chosen wallpaper, rare autographed photos, music programs, classic portraits, stuffed animals, and a wealth of smartbooks, magazines, and albums.

Not wanting to fit in I make a sad attempt to hand-press my shirt.

We’re spotted and warmly greeted by the owner, hostess of the party.

She is a petite dream. A missionary of music. She’s LA’s sovereign saint of the scat… a flowing mane of salt-n-pepper shoulder length hair, falling quickly on the shoulders of a well-preserved woman in her 60’s, dressed in a formal white pantsuit, with a matching cardigan sweater and high heels as she floats effortlessly across the living room.

While still taking in the room, my wife & her hostess exchanged mutual flatterings, and then I’m introduced.

“This is my husband. He’s a Writer and Artist… ”

“Really, that’s great! Make yourself at home,” replied this lovely, well-kept woman, who shook my hand, smiled politely, and as if given an offstage cue, quickly whisked my wife away.

I am apparently, was on my own True Food Kitchen Santa Monica.

I move cautiously around the living room when a rather large, stodgy man sitting in a worn, ass-brown colored, lazy-boy chair, suggested I find a place to sit because “like parking downtown… available space was hard to find. Make them bring the food, and entertainment to you True Food Kitchen Santa Monica.”