“Skin Care”

“Skin Care”
“Skin Care”

Usually we hear people saying “ soul’s beauty matters” but it’s not so true nowadays cause first impression is build up with your appearance and most attractive thing in your appearance is your skin. Skin is most appealing thing no doubt, according to a research 65 percent people notice, first thing in a person, they meet is their skin tone and texture. Surely skin color is God gifted and every skin tone has its own beauty but most of the people lost their original skin tone no far then their early twenties.

This make us understand that skin should be properly treated and it needs a proper care routine. This concept is not well accepted but with advancement of time people are started understanding it. This is the reason skin care routine is described at different levels. Many brands have launched their products for keeping your skin good, for instance a beauty store opens near us is “ Korean beauty products”.  Many doctors and nutritionist have explained a complete diet and quality food for keeping your skin fit.

And this is a topic which should be wisely discussed at public level. Our elite class understands it’s importance but normal people still ignore it. When we talk in little depth, we come to know that our skin is basically consist of elastic collagen protein and soft tissues. This protein is responsible for brightness and healthy skin. But with age factor it decreases gradually which causes dullness and many skin issues. People with their late forties get wrinkles and dullness due to this factor. Poor and unhealthy diet is also responsible for dull skin.

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But in this era unfortunately we loss brightness, smoothness and beauty of our skin in very young age due to many causes like bad sleeping habits, poor eating routine, pollution and carelessness towards skin. Pimples , wrinkles, breakouts and dark spots are commonly seen on every face. A good skin care routine helps regenerate skin cells production to keep the skin looking and feeling it’s best  throughout your life

The eyes are described as the windows of souls, the mouth as the courier of the thought, and nose at the servant of olfaction, the skin is just the frame to the Unfortunately many judge themselves according to this frame they could either have feelings of content or censure of their own physical features. Good health and self esteem go hand in hand during process of establishing your career and good life.

Skin’s clarity of acne wrinkles and sunburns is  merely an assistance to their statures of confidence having healthy skin is a step to confidence becoming worry free of appearances is practicing good sleeping, eating, and drinking habits lead to the success of healthy looking person.

Because of the large coverage of skin over the body it would be encouraged to take care of texture. Many desire healthy looking skin that is smooth and firm. The attraction for the desire makes the marketplace booming with industry in order to fulfill the consumers desires. This is how Korean beauty store is taking care of it’s consumer’s skin.

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Viewers at home can be guaranteed to see some type of commercial advertisement on TV that focuses on integument and appendages of hair, make-up, lotions and nail production when a girl wants to step out for a night of town pimples and blemishes on her face will be first thing that she will be conscious of .Little things can be erupted from something so miniscule. The first thing to combat would be pores. So good skin  leads to high morale and self esteem. Good skin can save time from makeup too.