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Jungle King Secrets

Impressive for multiple reasons. Its strongest asset is Adcock’s extensive research on nutrition Marquette Food Co Op, food supplements, and the current food and drug industry. Most of what we currently eat, the drugs we put in our bodies, the processed food, the alcohol, cigarettes, medications, all have harmful effects on our sex lives, causing “chemical castration,” shrunken genitals, low sperm counts, and erectile dysfunction. Viagra is not the answer. Nor are some of the ridiculous and dangerous products on the market such as pumps that claim to increase penis size. Adcock exposes the poisonous aspects of all these products, and then through extensive research, he details numerous nutritional supplements and foods that are far more effective and health-friendly. Adcock has personally experimented with all these products-and the list is amazing. It includes everything from bee pollen to sexual spices, ways for men to increase testosterone and to decrease estrogen. He also provides penile exercises and massages to increase one’s erection stamina. While you may not be ready to run out and buy all the ingredients to make Paul Adcock’s erotic elixir superfoods such as Jungle Juice or Bliss Balls, you may find one supplement to start with. Most importantly, you will come to a better understanding of how seriously our health and food has been compromised by our industrial environment and by government agencies intended to protect us such as the FDA.

After reading “Jungle King Secrets

I found myself no longer blindly wanting to eat processed food but paying attention to what I eat. I have also learned to question the medical establishment. Adcock reveals the fallacies of our industrial-medical complex, which wants to medicate your problem rather than fix the root cause of it. Marquette Food Co Op I have experienced this situation myself where doctors are more willing to give me pills to treat symptoms than talk to me about my diet and how I can help my own health issues naturally. The medical establishment has much to lose-billions of dollars-by letting the American public be healthy. The Federal Food and Drug Administration, as Adcock states, is even involved to the point where they are considering making juices be prescribed medications. If we allow the government to continue down this road, they will own and control our bodies-this may seem like a paranoid exaggeration, but already our public schools advocate putting our children on ritalinĂª, the FDA has approved all kinds of preservative ingredients in food that cause numerous health problems, and our cities have put fluoride into our drinking water. Fluoride can case serious problems by its ingestion, but because the American Dental Association and city governments fear being sued, this decision and many similar ones fail to be reversed. Shouldn’t we have a choice what is in our drinking water?

Adcock rationally discusses sexual methods and the danger of pornography and excessive sex. He is a firm believer in the Marquette Food Co Op Taoist understanding of sex as part of the energy life force, and he advocates longer, more loving and meaningful sex rather than sexual practices focused on bringing people to an energy-draining climax. Ultimately, sexual energy can be harnessed, not just for recreation and procreation, but to create physical rejuvenation and psycho-spiritual illumination. Added bonuses to “Jungle King Secrets” are dozens of wonderful cartoons that carry the messages home to the reader. Also included are over forty pages of sources, both websites and print publications, for further reading, and a sixteen-page glossary.

“Jungle King Secrets” made me reevaluate my own lifestyle and diet, and I am convinced any reader will do the same. Whether you want a fantastic sex life, or you just want to feel better, “Jungle King Secrets” can satisfy your desires Marquette Food Co Op.