How to Style Your Hair Like Harry Styles

How to Style Your Hair Like Harry Styles

1.Create a wavy or curly bob with Harry’s 2010 Mop Top.

Comb wet hair from the dark side first. Then, spray the hair evenly with sea salt spray and comb the curls to accentuate them. Instead of creating too much volume, focus on compliments. Let hair air dry naturally.
This hairstyle is sometimes called a “mushroom bowl”. In 2010, Harry played her again when he appeared on The X Factor.

2.Extend the tip of the mop 7.6-10.2 cm to create the look of tiger mane.

Do a deep side part and let the rest of the wet hair fall where it fell. Use a small amount of texture paste to hold some curls in place and give them a normal look. Air-dry your hair to make it look loose and natural.
Harry stopped the style by cutting a few inches off the top, sides and back of the mushroom bowl. It looks very messy and listless, so if you have curly or wavy hair, it’s easy to style.

3.Trim the sides to leave 5.1-7.6 cm for the Dunkirk shape.

To recreate the 1940s-inspired look Harry wore on the set of Dunkirk, start spraying damp hair with sea salt spray for added texture and volume. Then blow dry your hair straight back. Apply a small amount of lipstick to the palm of your hand and then to your hair to add hold and shine.
To get relief, let’s say you want to get a 3 or 4 on the back and sides. For the top, ask for enough texture and gradient length in the front, tapering towards the crown.
Dunkirk hairstyles are suitable for most hair types, including straight hair.

4.Keep the sides short and comb long bangs to look sideways.

Lightly comb through your hair with a comb to add some volume if needed. Then brush all the bangs to one side and spray with hairspray to hold them in place. Keep the back and sides loose and carefree, and define your curls with a texture cream.
The key to this look is the exaggerated lateral movement. You need curly or curly hair to do this.

5.Extend the top 3-5 inches (7.6-12.7 cm) and shape it into a bun.

Wet long hair and apply hairspray or mousse. Then blow dry your hair and dry it in big waves on top of your head. Smooth any flyaway hair with a little styling wax.
For extra volume, brush or comb to your desired height. Finish with a coat of hairspray to hold the hair in place.
You need medium to thick hair to create large cuffs like Harry’s.


Shoulder length or longer

1.Control shoulder-length curls with a scarf or bandana.

Harry used accessories to tame his wild curls and let them grow out. She lets her curls air dry and loose, then ties a rolled-up silk banana or bandana scarf around her head as a bandage to keep the hair away from her forehead.
Place a scarf or bandana in the same way as the headband to secure the bangs.
Feel free to experiment with different colors and styles – Harry definitely did!

2.Style Harry’s messy shoulder-length hairstyle with thick wavy locks.

Apply some texture cream to damp hair to accentuate the waves. Then use a mousse or gel to sweep the long strands up and back so they stay on your face. Let these wavy hair air dry and flow naturally.
Harry grew his hair long for a natural romantic aesthetic.

3.Let the thick hair grow below the shoulders and loose in waves.

Apply wax, mousse or sea salt spray to damp hair. Then use a brush or fingers to style the top into loose waves to keep away from your face. Add some wax or mousse for texture and let your hair air dry.

4.Try a manly bun or ponytail to keep long hair away from your face.

Rock-Harry’s slouchy style sees her hair pulled back into a loose masculine bun. For a sportier look, wear a thin fabric headband to hold the hair in place. If you’re tired of doing masculine buns, Harry often wears his long hair into loose ponytails and relaxed half ponytails.