How to Play The Game (Mind Game)

How to Play The Game (Mind Game)
How to Play The Game (Mind Game)

1. Learn the three basic rules of the game.

The game is both simple and complex. If you’re still reading, you’re lost again. These are the rules of the game:
Everyone in the world is playing games, whether they know it or not.
If you think about the game, you lose the game. This includes things like trying desperately not to think about the game, or having someone else warn you that you lost, or for a fraction of a second, the game will appear randomly. If you think about it, you lose.
If you lose, you must declare you lost. This can be done aloud, on the Internet, in writing, or in many other ways. Declaring your loss is a game.

2. Let go of the idea of ​​winning.

No one wins the game, you can only avoid losing by spreading the word about the game and trying to make others lose. If you win the game, you lose. If you lose the game, congratulations!

3. Learn the basics of game psychology.

Sarcasm processing is a psychological phenomenon that describes an inverse relationship between the desire to avoid thoughts and the persistence of those thoughts. In other words, the more you want to stop thinking about games, the more you will think about games.
It is also known as the “polar bear phenomenon,” or “the pink elephant phenomenon,” according to Tolstoy’s famous words. Deciding not to think about something makes you think about something.
The first “Ghostbusters” movie had a tongue-in-cheek take on the comedy, telling the Ghostbusters that whatever they thought was going to destroy them. Despite his attempts to clear his head, everyone thought of the Marshmallow Man, Stay-Puff, who appeared in the form of a monster to destroy Manhattan.

4. Consider adding variation to the game to make it a winner.

Some people play the game a little differently, giving players a grace period after losing before losing again, or not declaring for a period of time. This time can range from a few seconds to half an hour or more. Others limit how a claim can be declared. If you are playing with multiple friends, set the winning rules as desired.
Some might say that even death can end the game, while others say it’s game over when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the President of the United States or the Pope says it’s over on national television. Still others believe the game can only be won if someone takes off the pope’s hat.

learning strategies.

1. Focus on the game as much as possible.

Anyone new to tell you about the game will automatically fail. Wear a t-shirt or hold a sign that says “I lost the game.” Wear it in public as often as possible, explain the game to people, let them discover the game and play with it.While this isn’t against the rules (there are only three in the game), be aware that some gaming forums are outraged by this. Since the game is common in certain regions, some people find it very disturbing. Discuss the game carefully.

2. Always declare failure.

Announcing “I lost!” Come to think of it, it’s also a reminder to everyone else to play, causing them to lose at the same time, creating a crazy losing streak. This usually happens at random times. You can announce it verbally or be creative.

3. Alert other players about the game.

When you start a game, play as long as you want and keep losing by reminding as many others as you can. Keep in the loop by alerting other players, consciously and unconsciously, when you have a chance:
If you are in class, write down and use game notes to declare you lost. If you scream every 10 seconds, it will keep you out of trouble. If no one reports you when you are missing, write a note and return it later, or put it in your locker with your slate. You can also do this with random people.
Write on whiteboards and blackboards in a non-invasive manner with the teacher’s permission or without the teacher looking. Minimize this and only do it if you know the teacher won’t mind. Whoever sees your way loses.
Add ads. While you’ll need some form of approval for this, if you’re writing a school newspaper or other newsletter, you’ll need to find a way to mention the game or add something to your thoughts.