How to Clean a Game Disc

How to Clean a Game Disc
How to Clean a Game Disc

1. Buy multiple slots.

Poke is a sweet Japanese cookie that comes in a variety of flavors. You can find them in the international section of your local Asian market or supermarket. Milk chocolate is the most popular flavor, but you can also find poke in other flavors such as matcha (green tea), strawberry, biscuit, and cream.
If you can’t find small cookies, any long, thin cookies, such as breadsticks, will do.

2. Choose a partner you don’t mind kissing.

If you are playing with a group of people, the rules of the game are the same. You can play two pairs at the same time. The winners of both games can then compete against each other in their own Pocky competition.
Slot games often end with a kiss, so it makes sense to choose a partner you don’t mind kissing.
You can take this opportunity to break the ice with your partner or get closer to a close friend.

3. It is recommended to play games at parties.

Poké Game aims to be a fun (and sexy!) party game. Bring Pokey to the party and then deliver some drama. You can say, “Has anyone played a game before?” and you’ll be greeted with enthusiasm or curiosity. Either way, you have an entire audience to teach these principles.
You can also play the game on other occasions, such as overnight.


4. Brush your teeth and check that you are breathing well.

Since you’ll be in close proximity to other players, it’s worth brushing your teeth so you can breathe well before playing the slot machine. If you don’t have a toothbrush handy at a party, chewing on a piece of peppermint gum can help.
Spit out the gum before you start playing so it doesn’t stick to your bag.
Make sure you are healthy. Do not play this game if you are sick. Cleaning alone won’t get rid of these bacteria.

Do Excercise


1. Choose the person of your choice as your gambling partner.

Both of you must maintain the same position, so both sit and stand. Make sure you are close enough that your faces are within 12 inches (30 cm) of each other.
Make sure you are both comfortable. If standing is too difficult, sit down.

2. Put the probe between you.

Each puts the ends of the probe between your teeth so that the probe forms a line between your two mouths. Don’t try to break the jab. The player then starts the game with a three countdown.
Only one side of the Poke Stick is covered in chocolate. Not on the other side. It doesn’t matter who has the chocolate.
If you’re playing this game in a group, consider asking someone else to start the countdown.

3. Trim the ends until you reach the center.

Two players cut off the ends of their Pokémon sticks while heading to the beach. Try not to drop the pokey while chewing. The goal is to get to the center.
If your wand falls, pick up another one. If he is in a group, you can “lose” or leave the game.

4. Don’t step back.

The faces of the two players meet at the center of the wand, but whoever removes the wand first loses. It can be fun to be this close to someone, so try not to laugh and lose your Pokémon stick. Often, neither side turns around, resulting in a kiss. In this case, everyone wins!