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Food Chain Link Maybe Crossword
Food Chain Link Maybe Crossword

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Back when we were still young Food Chain Link Maybe Crossword, it was a lot easier for us to remember details. We did not struggle to remember the birthday of our best friend, the brand of candy we saw at the candy store or the promise our parents made just to keep us from having tantrums at the toy store. But, as we grow older, our memory tends to deteriorate. This may be due to a lot of information from work that needs to be remembered and tasks to be done. The kind of lifestyle we have is very different from the lifestyle we had when we were young. Now, we often eat foods from fast food chains because we are always in a hurry, we are stressed with deadlines and we do not get enough sleep. This kind of lifestyle causes our memory to function improperly. Below are some healthy habits to improve our memory recall.

Exercising your brain regularly can help you improve your memory. By doing this, the brain keeps it growing and it can create new nerve connections that can contribute to the improvement of your memory. You can exercise your brain by developing new mental skills such as learning to play an instrument, learning new language or playing brain puzzles such as crossword and Sudoku. Keep your brain active by doing these brain-stimulating activities several minutes per day.

Memory can also be improved by reducing stress. Constant exposure to stress can damage the brain and can weaken the memory. When under stress, the hypothalamus releases adrenalin and cortisol (corticosteroids). Corticosteroids may weaken the blood-brain barrier and can damage the memory center of the brain. If this happens in a constant manner, the memory center will deteriorate and will not be able to regulate the degenerative corticosteroids, affecting the memory. New neuron formation is present in the brain; however, stress can stop it from happening.

Foods that we eat can affect not only our body but also our brain. Eating right can help in improving one’s memory. Healthy diet means healthy brain. Eating foods rich in Omega 3 acids appear to promote healthy brain functioning. Eating 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 full meals a day can help improve the function of the brain by limiting dips in blood sugar.

By doing some changes with our routines and lifestyle we can improve our ability to store and recall information.

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