Benefits Of Mango for Skin Care, Hair, and Good Health

Benefits Of Mango for Skin Care, Hair, and Good Health
Benefits Of Mango for Skin Care, Hair, and Good Health

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Mangoes are undoubtedly the reason most of us wait for summers. We are ready to forgive the rising mercury levels just for the love of mangoes. Who doesn’t love treating their palate to this sumptuous, mouth-watering fruit? Not only do they taste good, they are a package of wholesome goodness for our skin, hair and health. No wonder a mango is called the “King of Fruits.”
So today I am going to talk about a few beauty and health benefits of Mangoes.

Hair Care:


1. Conditioner
One of the best home-made, chemical free conditioners for dry and frizzy hair. All that you need is mango pulp mixed with a couple of egg yolks and yogurt. Apply this hair mask generously on your strands, especially at the ends, and leave it on for 45 minutes. Wash it off with your regular shampoo followed by a conditioner. You will have softer, manageable hair.


2. Prevent Hair Loss
The kernel of a mango is a storehouse of several minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. Peel the outer coat of the mango seed and put it in a jar containing COCA oil. (C=Coconut oil, O-Olive Oil, C=Castor Oil and A=Almond Oil) Yes, I have given that name to this oil concoction to remember them. You can also use Mustard oil. Leave it in sunlight for 3-5 days and use this oil regularly to prevent hair fall and greying. This oil also helps in promoting hair growth and making your mane long, black and healthy.

3. Dandruff
To win that battle against the worst hair foe, take mango seed butter and apply it to your hair. The above mentioned oil concoction for hair loss will also help in fighting dandruff and alopecia.

Skin Care:


1. Cleansing and Exfoliating
• A combination of mango pulp and rice flour is a great way of cleansing your skin.

• 1 teaspoon almond powder, 1 teaspoon crushed oats mixed with mango pulp and raw milk can be used as an exfoliating paste. Apply the paste on your face, leave it on for 15 minutes and scrub it off gently. Wash you face clean with lukewarm water for that squeaky clean face.

• Mango pulp, honey and brown sugar makes an excellent body scrub. Using this recipe regularly will give you soft and supple skin.

2. Facewash

Take the pulp of a mango and mix it with gram flour or almond powder. You can use milk or rose water to make it into a paste. Apply it to your face and gently massage for a couple of minutes, rinse it off for removing every trace of impurity and tiredness from your face.

3. Glowing Skin
Mangoes contain Vitamin A and C, which are very essential for healthy and glowing skin. They help in reduction of dark spots, acne and blemishes, thus making your skin flawless and glowing.

• For glowing skin, mix mango pulp with egg white and honey. Apply it to your face and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and see the difference.

• To reduce blemishes, add a few drops of lemon to the mango pulp. Apply and leave it on for 15-20 minutes then wash it off with cold water. Repeat this process twice a week to see evident results.

• You can also use sun dried mango powder mixed with yogurt, to reduce dark spots and blemishes. This method also imparts a subtle golden glow to your face.

• Raw mangoes or baby mango works wonders for skin troubled with acne. Boil them in water and use this water to prevent acne. Also a paste of mango pulp and fullers earth helps in oil control and makes the skin soft.

4. De-Tan

Add some lemon juice to a paste of mango pulp, almond powder, gram flour and yogurt. Apply this paste to your face and neck and gently massage in circular motion. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Massaging this mask on your face, will not only help in removing dirt from the pores, but will also help even out the complexion. A great way to remove your tan while rejuvenating your senses too.

5. Anti-aging
As known, this fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Beta Carotene, which are antioxidants. They protect our skin from free radicals and delay the process and other signs of aging. Its nourishing properties moisturize our skin naturally. So eat it or rub it on your face, you will be in a win-win situation.

6. Blackhead Removal
Yes, you read it right. Mangoes also help in removing blackheads and dead skin. All you need is mango pulp mixed with Milk powder and honey. Massage gently in circular motion and wash it off after 10 minutes. With repeated use of this scrub, you will see your blackheads disappear in no time at all.

Health Benefits:

Mangoes contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin A, C, E, K and B6, fatty acids, and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium. Phew!!!


They help in improving eye sight, preventing and fighting cancer, increasing the metabolic rate, increasing fertility, boosting immunity, reducing cholesterol and preventing diabetes. Being rich in antioxidants, they help in detoxification and cell repair.

Do we need any more reasons to run to the nearest marketplace and grab cartons filled with mangoes, this season?
This is one of the very rare cases where we won’t be guilty of (mango) gluttony.

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